"JAG Woodworks is a second generation family business with a focus on customer care. Jim has followed in his father’s footsteps for over 30 years.

The team at JAG Woodworks is made up of experienced craftsmen with an eye for detail and a passion to please. Their combined knowledge and individual skill set is fundamental to their success.

An extensive portfolio of quality projects, a track record for delivering high end services to their customers and a team dedicated to producing precise work that is of an exceptionally high standard."

- Havwoods


Havwoods Collaboration




Q1: Jim, how do you find working with Havwoods?

Jim: We have been working with Havwoods for almost ten years with great success. Havwoods are a professional, well organised and efficient company. Having a partnership with Havwoods adds credibility to our business.

Q2: How easy do you find Havwoods products to install? 

Jim: The Havwoods products fit together well, are finished well and overall make for a perfect job every time. This is the key ingredient to the delivery of high service standards and a successful handover.

Q3: What are your thoughts on Havwoods’ availability of stock, their delivery method & timing?

Jim: One of the benefits of working with a well - established company like Havwoods is their ability to deliver promptly. With large warehousing, stock is never in short supply and enables quick turnaround of orders.

Q4: How would your clients rate their Havwoods Sydney Showroom experience?

Jim: Our clients are always impressed after a visit to Havwoods Sydney Showroom. All the staff are so knowledgeable, helpful and genuinely friendly!

Q5: How do you find Havwoods payment options?

Jim: We really like the flexibility Havwoods offers in terms of payment options such as 30 day credit, interest free finance, fee free Visa and Mastercard transactions. The added option to pay using Zip pay has been a real added bonus preferred by many of our customers!